Heitzman Architects
Professional Fees

House additions and remodeling projects:  10% of construction costs

New custom houses:  12% of construction costs

Other new buildings:  7% of construction costs

Fees include the following services:

1. Site analysis
2. With input from you, create a list of functional requirements for the project - the "program"
3. Building Code and Zoning analysis.
4.  Measured drawings
5.  Schematic Design:  Creation of one or more plans which satisfy the program
6.  Design Development:  Refined plans, elevations of the exterior, preliminary details and specifications
7.  Structural engineering
8.  Mechanical engineering:  heating, ventilating and air conditioning design
9.  Electrical engineering: power, lighting, telephone, computer network distribution, intercom system, fire alarm
0.  Plumbing engineering:  sanitary and storm sewer, water, and fire sprinklering
1.  3-dimensional study model or 3D computer imaging
2.  Construction Documents:  drawings and specifications from which the project will be bid and built
3.  Quality control checking and peer review
4.  Bidding to three or more general contractors
5.  Bid analysis and negotiation
6.  Preparation of Agreement between Owner and Contractor
7.  Construction administration: meeting with general contractor and sub-contractors once a week during construction, inspection of construction, approval and certification of contractor's pay requests, review of contractors' waivers of lien, monitoring of contractor's schedule, review of shop drawings, create punch list, issue certificate of substantial completion and final completion, project close-out

Services that may be requested by you, provided on an individual fee basis are the following:

1. Architectural general consulation: $150.00 per hour
2.  Feasibility studies: 2% of project budget
3. Interior design: $150.00 per hour
4. Interior purchasing: 15% of discounted cost of furniture and materials purchased
5. Engineering Consulation: $150.00 per hour
6. Construction cost estimating: 2% of construction budget
7. Detailed scale models: $2,000.00 to $7,000.00
8. Colored photo-realistic rendering: $3,000.00
9. Boundary survey: $2,000.00 for a typical house lot
Civil engineering: topographic survey, site grading and drainage
design: $6,000.00 for a typical house
11.  Soil boring analysis $2,000.00 for a typical house - 2 borings
12. Testing for hazardous materials: $1,500.00
13.  Review of contractors' qualifications: $500.00
14. Building permit standard plan review online submittal: included in fee

15.  Building permit Self-Certification for eligible Chicago project: $2,000.00
16. Historic research: $150.00 per hour
17. Preservation tax assessment freeze application: $3,000.00


Typical cost of construction experienced over the past few years:

Residential remodeling: $150 to $250 per square foot

Residential additions (family room, kitchen and bathrooms):   $150 to $300 per square foot

Cabinets and plumbing fixtures are not usually included in construction costs - cabinet costs can be $10,000 to $30,000 and appliances can be $5,000 to $25,000 depending on number and quality

No two projects are alike. Cost depends on the complexity, materials selected, and market conditions.


Good client + Good architect + Good contractor = Good building