The Heitzman Family

Back row:  Jerry Bestwina, Sandy, Nick, Pam Roberts, Chris
Front row: Grandma Ang, Frank, Xan

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  On July 14, 2007, we welcomed a new boxer into our family - Stella Luka. Click here for photos

We are the Heitzmans

Frank, Sandy, Chris, Nick and Alexandra

We live in Oak Park, Illinois

Chris works for the Oak Park Public Library.

Nick just started a clothing store at 130 North Oak Park Avenue in Oak Park: Chameleon Clothing.


Alexandra is an intern architect working in Chicago

Sandy is surrounded by books at the Forest Park Library

where she is head of the circulation department

Which is what she loves


Frank is an architect in Oak Park

Old buildings are his passion



December, 1999

New Old Front Porch
(Rosemary guarding)

Frank and Sandy are restoring an 1889 Victorian house

designed in 1889 by William J. Van Kieran

in Oak Park


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