Amendment the Oak Park Building Code
Regarding Knee Space under Service Counters

Add the following sentence to paragraph 1108.12.3, Point of Sales and Service Counters on page 222:

Tops of all new accessible service counters shall be 28” to 34” above the finished floor or ground. All new accessible service counters shall provide knee space under the counter 27” high x 30” wide x 19” deep.

[this revision will meet the state requirement for knee space at all new service counters in compliance with requirements in the Illinois Accessibility Code paragraphs 400.310 w) 5) (page 72), 400.320 f) 2) (page 72), 400.320 h) 1) A) and B) (page 84), 400.320 l) 2) (page 87), and 400.510 e) 6) (page 110). It will provide for all service counters to permit face-to-face contact with wheelchair patrons of a business or service]