Amendment the Oak Park Building Code
Regarding Single User Toilet Rooms

Add the following new sentence after paragraph 1108.2.1.6 on page 221 as follows:

The minimum interior dimensions of a single user toilet room shall be 5’-2” wide x 7’-0” deep if the door swings out of the room, or 5’-2” wide x 8’-0” deep if the door swings into the room. Where doors swing out, the door shall be provided with a closer with delay action.

[This revision assist designers in assuring that the single user toilet room will comply with the Illinois Accessibility Code requirement in paragraph 410.310 n) 3) (page 53), which requires sufficient maneuvering space within the toilet room for a person using a wheelchair to enter and close the door, use the fixtures, reopen the door and exit]

Plan of single user toilet room